Project: Crush (

Role: UX/UI design, markup

Description: Load testing for your servers. I designed this as a weekend project. It’s launched @




Project: Lively for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 (

Role: Co-Founder, Creative Director

Description: I designed the user experience and interface for Lively. My favorite part of designing this app was the hybrid design challenge. We wanted to support custom “skins” with quick turn around. The easiest way to accomplish this was to build a hybrid (or web) app that allows for easy customization without waiting for lengthy app review periods. The design needed to work on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8, but use native controls where necessary.





Project: Gusto

What I did: UX/UI Design for iOS

Description: I designed the UI for the Gusto iOS app and helped to conceptualize the Gusto recommendation platform. Gusto gathers your relevant interests to curate a personalized set of movie, music, and book recommendations. This product made it to a private beta but is currently on hold.